Thursday, February 14, 2013

Apple will fix the bug in iOS 6.1 Exchange very soon

bug exchange Apple solucionar√° el bug de Exchange en iOS 6.1 muy pronto

Although Apple released an update for the iPhone 4S exclusive for the sole purpose of fixing the problems of connectivity on 3G networks, the fact is that all users with iOS 6.1 we continue with the problems related to connectivity and synchronization of appointments using Microsoft Exchange account.

Apple has acknowledged the existence of this bug related to Exchange accounts and alerts will be fixed in an update on the already working. Meanwhile, Apple recommends the following steps if you experience problems:

  • Enter the Settings menu and select Mail, Contacts, Calendar.
  • Select the Exchange account from the list of mail accounts that we set
  • Turn off calendar sync switch
  • Wait 10 seconds
  • Turn back the calendar sync switch

These steps are necessary to prevent the iOS device generates excessive consumption data loop synchronization with the Exchange server, which in turn contributes to the heating of the device and the reduction in the autonomy of the device.

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Source - Apple

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