Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Apple Warns of Dangers of Jailbreak

Apple has revised and updated an article in the "Knowledge Base" which warns of the potential risks to the iPhone jailbreak. Of course, this change is motivated by the launch on Monday of Jailbreak iOS 6.x Evasi0n . Jailbreak While not illegal, at least in the U.S., Apple has the right to refuse to provide service to any device with Jailbreak. Some minor problems have been reported after evasi0n Jailbreak and Apple's article was probably updated just as a reminder.

Jailbreak ios 6.1 beta 5 Apple Advierte de los Peligros del Jailbreak

Does Jailbreak cause real problems to devices?

Previous versions of the jailbreak have been known to cause, or at least be associated with, battery discharges faster, system instability, disruption of some services and anything else. As the jailbreak is based on security flaws that have the operating system, others may find these flaws and exploit the same vulnerability to insert malware on our devices. The use of unofficial applications also raises the risk of compromising personal information or run processes "zombie" to attack the network.

Said this we must say that most people who do the jailbreak on their devices do to run applications that allow further customization of officially allowing Apple iOS system. If we look at a list of applications "top" to Cydia, you will see that most functions are implemented tweaks that we all want to see in the next revision of iOS, along with some applications for data tethering when we have company forbids it. While the battery discharge or instability are some problems that can bring the Jailbreak, most of the problems are minor and the dangers of Apple warns in his article are potential hazards common problems.

The evasi0n Jailbreak for iOS devices 6.x has brought some problems as reported by users, including inability to access the history of iTunes Store purchases, an increase in boot time and shutdown of the application to see the time . The team that released the jailbreak is committed to work on solving these issues out without delay. Cydia statistics encrypt 1.7 million downloads in applications in recent days, reflecting the success of the Jailbreak.

Apple's article specifically says that the jailbreak (which they call "unauthorized modification of iOS") can cause:

  • System instability.
  • Risk of data loss.
  • Potential risk of virus and malware.
  • Increased risk of hacker attacks.
  • Acceleration of battery discharge (although this is not clear if it's because of Jailbreak or use of some applications of Cydia).
  • Low reliability in voice and data connections.
  • Inability to apply future software updates that may contain critical bug fixes.

Besides all this, Apple also mentions the possibility of "bricking" your iOS device, making it inoperable and, in some cases, irretrievable.

Jailbreak usually performed only a small percentage of users of iOS, but Apple believes that the realization of it is a clear threat to the safety of the device and the quality of the user experience. The update can be a sign that Apple employees could begin service to refuse to provide service to Jailbreak devices, with the premise that the jailbreak may have caused the problem that the customer complains.

What do you think? Do you think it really is as dangerous as Apple says jailbreak our device? Do you guys have done the? Tell us your impressions.

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