Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Apple tries to strengthen its division of Maps

Screen Shot 2013 02 05 at 6.05.05 PM Apple intenta reforzar su divisiĆ³n de Mapas

The controversy has generated maps on Apple iOS 6 voice seems to have lost in recent weeks. However, this browser is far from matching the experience offered by Google Maps, which are much more reliable. So, after having dismissed two of the division responsible iOS (including Scott Forstall, creator of the operating system), Apple seeks to reinforce its division maps with new additions.

Heading to the corporate website of Apple Jobs, we find that the company has set up ten jobs related to their department maps. Any software engineer is invited to fill their curriculum staff through the bite of the apple website to enter the selection process. If you have experience developing stable software, then this could be your dream job, located in the Apple offices in California.

Tim Cook promised to work day and night to bring Apple maps "to the top in the shortest possible time." It is true that the maps continue to improve every day, but we still find the odd curious mistake.

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