Monday, February 4, 2013

Apple teaches a more friendly apps link

appstore url Apple enseña una forma más amigable de enlazar apps

During the celebration of the Super Bowl, one of the ads in the next Star Trek movie showed a URL that linked to the App Store to download the application from the movie. This link is completely different from what we are used to and embed is basically the name of the application or developer within the domain

The URL to extract from the App Store are of the type:

If we analyze it, we find several elements

  • Identifier of the country: "en", "us" are just some of the examples. Changing one or the other, the description of the application is put in the appropriate language if the translation has relevance. If the developer has described its application only in English, even to change the identifier of the country, it will look the same.
  • Application Name: I think no further description.
  • Application identifier: is a nine-digit numeric code that has any application. It is unique so no two applications with the same identifier.

Thanks to the new link system apps, Apple makes an address to remember a much simpler implementation. As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, just put the domain name followed application or developer. For example:

The old system will continue to operate as usual and you can start again used. Developers who want to publicize their application applaud this measure and also users.

All these developments also affect the Mac App Store, the App Store for OS X.

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Source - AppAdvice

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