Thursday, February 21, 2013

Apple Sues planned obsolescence in Brazil by launching the iPad in April

Apple returns to have problems in the country of samba and caipirinha. If we told you about last week that Apple could have trouble continuing to use the iPhone brand within the Brazilian territory, and that a judge had ruled in favor of a small local company that has already registered that name back in 1998, now we bring you another new chapter of legal dispute within the same country.

The launch of the iPad in April did not leave anyone indifferent, and this is precisely because their innovation or evolution, but rather to his early release on the previous version, the iPad 3. Apple surprised everyone by updating your tablet just 7 months after being put on the market the iPad 3, which included for the first time a screen Retina. This move was not well received by many users, who felt cheated and even cheated by a company that has always used to renovate its products in more than 1 year cycles.

apple brasil Demanda a Apple en Brasil por Obsolescencia Programada al Lanzar el iPad 4

Brazil Sues Apple for the short time between the release of the iPad 3 and iPad 4

Brazil appears that this anger has been even greater. On February 6, a lawsuit was filed against the boys from Cupertino for "planned obsolescence" or as they say here "planned obsolescence." The applicant organization has been the IBDI (Brazilian Institute of Politics and Law of Software), which has argued that Apple should have announced in advance to their customers, especially buyers of the iPad 3, which would break his annual policy launch and to discontinue the model were acquiring. Furthermore, consider the advances incorporated in the latest iPad could have been perfectly present in the previous generation, therefore denounce an alleged attempt to "planned obsolescence."

Thus, the applicant requires the company to replace the free iPad 3 by the next generation, as well as a 50% refund of the amount. Recall that Apple already launched a plan to replace the iPad 3 if it had been purchased within 30 days prior to the launch of iPad 4.

Finally, Apple punishes pay 30% of the total value of each iPad 3 sold in Brazilian territory to deal thus misleading advertising and unfair business practices which have served accuses Apple.

ipad dinero Demanda a Apple en Brasil por Obsolescencia Programada al Lanzar el iPad 4

Curiously, this news comes at a time when people are talking about the strategy that Apple should continue in the future to stand up to its competitors. Does reducing renewal cycle of the products? Keep?? Not know the intentions of the Big Apple, only time will tell.

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