Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Apple studies incorporate a new release system based on image identification

It appears that Apple may be working on a new release of devices based on images, not release passwords or patterns.


The new proposal, which for the moment is not patented, would consist in identifying an image that we provide the device and we should recognize (the face of some contact, for example).

But not only work with familiar faces, but also with different landscapes or images that relate to the user's personal. For example, we could identify the last digits of the phone number of one of our contacts when the iPhone will show us a picture of Paris, and just because it was there that we met this person and relate that image with that contact.


In this line, recent years have patented many alternatives to passwords and blocks (such as facial recognition or patterns) in many companies and even social networking sites like Facebook, but for now it appears that none has curdled.


Could this be the ultimate alternative to provide us safer our iDevices? Incorporate? These alternatives the next iPhone, or continue with the "slide to unlock"? What do you think? Definitely could become a challenge to unlock a device like that, even for us ...


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