Thursday, February 7, 2013

Apple seeks engineers to further improve their maps

The Apple job often give us ideas of the future plans of the company. Recently Apple has published ten engineers looking for job to work directly on the development team of Apple Maps, the map application that Apple released iOS 6 and many headaches that have been given due to malfunction and the bad reviews Initial (of course, very justified reviews in most cases).

apple maps Apple Busca Ingenieros para Seguir Mejorando sus Mapas

Apple publishes 10 job openings for engineers looking for Apple Maps team

Of the ten job postings, nine are looking for people to deal with the development of different aspects of the application, while another will focus exclusively on improving turn navigation application. Of course, all these positions are located at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, from where all products are created international Apple.

In examining carefully extracted bids that Apple is looking to improve the maps on different fronts. Among them, Apple is looking for people to improve the user interface of the application for iOS, integration with other services such as Siri, labeling waypoints, improved 3D visual maps or the ability to display real-time maps.

Without doubt, Apple is making a big effort to continue improving the iOS mapping application. Now that Google Maps is available on the App Store again (and that has been a tremendous success since the arrival to the store of applications), Apple should work hard in your choice if you really want to "steal" the application users Google and gradually established itself as one of my map providers worldwide success.

Apple Maps problems at the time of its release, caused himself Tim Cook, the CEO of the company, had to send a press release apologizing for the problems and also sometimes caused the dismissal of Scott Forstall , the person behind the project and held a senior management position within the company. Will Apple make up for all this and create a really interesting map application in a short time?

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