Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Apple: reference during his State of the Union Obama

Screen Shot 2013 02 12 at 6.52.22 PM Apple: referencia durante el discurso del Estado de la UniĆ³n de Obama

As news yesterday overtook iPhone , Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, has been invited to his State of the Union that the U.S. President Barack Obama is speaking live now. And our predictions have been fulfilled to the letter: Tim Cook was invited to be the leader of one of the most valuable companies in the U.S. and Apple's role in the country's economy. Two factors could not pass by Obama's speech.

Barack Obama and Steve Jobs used as a reference to last year. This time, though Tim Cook has been part of the leadership, Obama mentioned the work of other companies that have taken steps to create jobs in the United States:

"Companies like Ford are bringing jobs to the U.S. from Mexico. Intel has done the same: after having been present in several plants in China, returns home with plans to open new plants. And this year, Apple will make Macs in the U.S. again. "

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