Saturday, February 16, 2013

Apple patents a system to improve the quality of photographs taken

Screen Shot 2013 02 15 at 7.03.24 PM Apple patenta un sistema para mejorar la calidad de las fotografías tomadas

Apple has patented this week a system to improve the quality of the pictures you take with your iOS devices: iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. It often happens that when we go to take a photo, it is blurry for having moved a little device. Indeed, when you press the screen to take a photo or pressed the volume button, we can inadvertently move slightly the iPhone and take the photo that goes wrong.

This patent describes how a new system would begin to take photos, automatically, when the user opened the camera application to your iPhone. You take your usual picture, but this system would be responsible for measuring a number of parameters to select the best photograph: taken by the phone automatically when you turn on the camera or that have taken us. Thus, the mobile show the best option after measuring factors such as brightness, light and contrast.

User photo would also be stored and the system will show if we decantáramos by our own choice, all other photos taken would be automatically discarded.

No doubt this is an interesting option that would not be bad to see in our future devices.

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Source- MacRumors

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