Monday, February 18, 2013

Apple Launches two television spots on the iPad and iPad mini

One of the reasons for the great success of the iPad since its launch and even today is the large collection of applications available through the App Store. The list is very large and does nothing but grow, something we can not assume the other manufacturers of tablets. The other platforms do not have so many applications built specifically to run on a tablet, which makes the user experience of Android tablets or Windows is (currently) far behind.

ipad ipad mini Apple Estrena dos Anuncios de TelevisiĆ³n sobre el iPad y el iPad mini

Apple Apps is known that one of the reasons for the success of their tablets, so continues promoting devices showing the capabilities of the iPad and the iPad mini thanks to the wide variety of Apps available.

The company has just launched two new commercials that breaks their tablets around with the line that the company went so far with these two products .. They are both the iPad and the iPad Mini, but not displayed next to each other, as with ads that have appeared so far showing the two tablets. A succession of adjectives written in black letters on a white background on the screen, highlighting one of them and showing images of Apps that can be defined by the word.

Although new ads samples also third-party applications, Apple reserves a special niche for their own applications like GarageBand, iMovie, iBooks or FaceTime, complete applications and really very interesting that are available only on the platform of the Cupertino company.

These are the new ads that Apple has begun issuing on television to promote the iPad and iPad mini



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