Monday, February 25, 2013

Apple is working on to provide USB 3.0 Cable Lightning

El nuevo cable Lightning USB de Apple víctima de falsificación Apple estaría trabajando en dotar de USB 3.0 al cable Lightning

Apple could be working on providing the connection cables for iOS devices, Lightning, capacity for speed USB 3.0 data transfer in the synchronization of these. This time, the Cupertino company is looking for a software engineer specializing in USB for joining the USB connectivity equipment company. This company is responsible for creating the necessary software for the USB ports of each and every one of the company's products work as well.

This triggered a rumor suggests that Apple could further improve the port Ligtning and move from the current USB 2.0 interface used in the end that connects to the computer, the new USB 3.0 specification, technology much faster and more powerful.

The latest generations of Macs already have the USB 3.0 connection, so it was somewhat surprising that the connector ligthning not include it when it first appeared on the iPhone 5, but now that could change. As we know Apple through software can update the connection of wires Lightning to also avoid the copies of the cables on the market.

Anyway, this is just a rumor based on a job offer, so you still have to wait some time to confirm if this is true and Apple is thinking of changing again the cable to connect an iPad or iPhone a computer, either Mac or PC. It is noteworthy that, even if you move, this time it would not be such a drastic change as the passage of 30-pin connector to Lightning, as the USB 3.0 offers backward compatibility with previous generations of the connector. That is, it would be possible to use it on computers with USB 2.0.

Do you think Apple will make us buy new cables to enjoy the speed offered by USB 3.0?

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