Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Apple is the second most powerful brand behind Ferrari

The year 2012 was a year of many changes for Apple. The first year without Steve Jobs and a year where the company's value soared from 350 billion dollars to 600 billion, and then fall to 400 billion dollars. Whatever the current value, the fact is that money is an overwhelming and that few other companies in the world can compare.

marca apple Apple es la Segunda Marca Más Poderosa por Detrás de Ferrari

Apple currently stands as the second largest brand in the world behind the Italian Ferrari

Brand Finance has valued the brand what it costs Apple and its estimate is that it has a current value of about 87 billion dollars. Combines well, his rating has weakened and has gone from AAA + to AAA. One of the main reasons is that its main competitor right now: Samsung has managed to grow and the sales momentum of Samsung Galaxy S3 has helped you, very much.

According to the CEO of Brand Finance, David Haigh:

"The brand is one of the many intangible assets that drive profitable growth of a company. Technology, human capital, customers and boost goodwill general values ​​of a company. With revenues of billions decenes, Apple and Samsung are fighting for global supremacy of their brands. However, there are other brands in the Top 500 that although they can not fight these two giants, are extremely powerful and beloved among the public. "

Currently Apple is the brand that maintains global leadership in the technology market and the second in the overall list, but the Cupertino company has failed to position itself as the world's most powerful brand in any industry. This title is currently held by Ferrari. The key variables as Ferrari are net margins, average revenue per customer, marketing and, of course, the loyalty that patients have in the brand. This makes the Italian brand is currently positioned as the most powerful and important brand in the world.

Will any other brand snatch the job? We do not know, what we do know is that there would be willing to do so many manufacturers and Apple certainly is one of them.

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