Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Apple investigates a technology for the iPad or iPhone is ahead to user actions

We all know the long list of patents that Apple owns and sumársele not stop new ones. Some unlikely, other hard to see in the near future and are only a few that give us a clue of a future product or feature for any already known. The patent that we bring you today is quite difficult to classify in one of these three groups, so we leave it up to the reader.

The new patent 8,385,039 the block is basically the device to automatically anticipate the user's current action. How do you achieve that? Through some sensors integrated into the device that could predict the situation on which the task is and according to the situation. This is to say that our iPhone or iPad would fit perfectly into the environment with seamless integration between iOS and the device itself.

Apple patent 8385039 drawing 001 Apple Investiga una Tecnología para que el iPad o iPhone se Adelante a Las Acciones del Usuario

A technology can predict what the user will do and make it easier

Can you imagine that your iPhone will be unlocked automatically based on your noise when approaching simply detecting ambient light? What sound just by removing it from the pocket? What regulate the volume based on ambient noise? These and many other functions could be performed by the new technology described in Apple's patent. The company itself is defined as:

"The device is ready to perform a function when the user wants to perform the function. The user will not have to take additional steps, such as selecting options in the GUI menu or press a button. "

The patent discloses through various graphic and outlines how new technology would be based on a recognition module that environment combine different signals of this, as the movement and position light, to establish a response to each stimulus. Thus and as shown in the patent, would be built tables that contain all the answers and alternatives to that stimulus.

Apple patent 8385039 drawing 003 Apple Investiga una Tecnología para que el iPad o iPhone se Adelante a Las Acciones del Usuario

The patent is not really new, was registered by Apple in 2011 on behalf of one R. Fletcher Rothkopf and according to the information we have obtained would be applicable to iPhone and certainly the iPad and other iOS devices in the environment.

The new patent shows features that would be really useful and innovative. Our device could learn from us, each time adapted to the environment in which we move. Know if we will have made all these new features in the near future or to be left in the big drawer of patents owned by Apple and are unlikely to have an outlet. What is certain is that this would lead functions as a breath of fresh air to iOS and insistently calling for a change widespread part of users.

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