Thursday, February 21, 2013

Apple having problems with the App Store and iCloud

Screen Shot 2013 02 21 at 6.28.25 PM Apple experimenta problemas con la App Store y con iCloud

If during the last few hours have found consistent problems to access the App Store, iTunes Store or Mac App Store, you'll be pleased to know that Apple's online stores have been failing throughout the day. For example, to access the App Store application from our iPhones, the screen does not refresh and display any content. problems Apple has registered from your "state", which warns of potential problems with their servers.

iCloud and schedules have also been having problems for the last few hours. As reported by Apple from its page, errors have occurred between 6.45 AM and 1.40 PM (Pacific Time, U.S. West Coast). Failures should now have ceased, but the fact is that at the time of publishing this news, we are still finding trouble getting into the App Store and update applications that we marked on the App Store icon.

In recent months Apple has suffered several failures of this type, especially with iCloud and Siri platform. Hence, it has enabled a service status page that notifies of errors.

Do you find problems right now to access any of these services?

More information- page Apple reform of State Services

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