Monday, February 25, 2013

Apple Debuts New Ad for iPad and iPad mini holding the Oscars

On the occasion of the celebration of the Oscars 2013, Apple took the opportunity to launch a new announcement of iPad and iPad mini for television. This is perhaps the most cinephile ad submitted so far, because even follow the lines of the above ads , especially outstanding applications and content related, in some way, with the world of cinema.

ipad claqueta Apple Estrena un Nuevo Anuncio del iPad y iPad mini durante la celebraciĆ³n de los Oscar

The new ad is called Hollywood and he reuses Apple white and one hand holding the device, which is intertwined between iPad and iPad mini. This type of spot has been running pretty well the Cupertino company, so no wonder that continue to use long after the issuance of the first ad in this format.

Apple debuts new ad iPad and iPad mini for television on the occasion of the awards ceremony of the Oscars

This new spot shows some applications like iMovie, 8mm Vintage Camera, an application that simulates the classic slate used in the film world, the Apple Maps application displaying the 3D view, several fragments of movies available in the iTunes Store other applications, in a way, are related to the world of cinema, the arts or entertainment.

During the ad appears both 4 with Retina display iPad, as the iPad mini, one of the ways that Apple is using to tell the world that either one or other device capable of doing practically the same thing and that the only real difference is device size (if we forget the screen resolution).

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