Friday, February 1, 2013

Apple Dare to Take an iPhone 5S?

The rumors machine for spinning, and occasionally comes with interesting information about the future possibilities of Apple devices. This time, let's think a bit about whether the apple company is ready or not to release a new iPhone with the tagline "S", as has been rumored in recent times.

Apple Dare to get an iPhone 5S?

Most analysts warn that Apple will bring at least two smartphones this year. Chances are that one of them out in summer and one in autumn. One of them could be the rumored low-cost iPhone, with the idea of ​​attracting new buyers who always wanted to have a smartphone from Apple but could never save to buy it.

apple aguantar iphone 5s 650x434 ¿Se Atrever√° Apple a Sacar un iPhone 5S?

This would iPhone manufactured at low cost plastic materials in place of more noble, with the idea of ​​lowering the price of the most terminal. Could be called iPhone 5S to get away from a hypothetical iPhone 6, made of aluminum and with better finish? Although the letter "S" at the end makes it look like something incomplete, I'm sure many would throw themselves headlong into a smartphone so if you come out for a reasonable price.

apple aguantar iphone 5s 2 650x463 ¿Se Atrever√° Apple a Sacar un iPhone 5S?

Previous editions of the iPhone that had "S" were much appreciated, but there was always someone who never tired of saying that terminals were incomplete. The iPhone 3GS brought a better camera, faster processor and some applications like voice control and compass.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 4S introduced the dual-core A5 processor, an 8 megapixel camera and improved Siri on the software side. What do you think we can see in a hypothetical iPhone 5S? Could compete with the heavyweights of Android to come?

apple aguantar iphone 5s 3 ¿Se Atrever√° Apple a Sacar un iPhone 5S?

What do you think? Should Apple pull an iPhone 5S, or conversely should improve over the terminal, remove it later, but call it iPhone 6? What do you think that a low cost iPhone? Will you lose the air of exclusivity that many has given good results?

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