Thursday, February 14, 2013

Apple can leave cables unusable unauthorized Lightning

cable lightning Apple puede dejar inutilizables los cables Lightning no autorizados

As you all know by now, with the launch of iPhone 5 Apple introduced a new cable connection based on Lightning and abandoning the usual from the 30-pin connector. The advantages and disadvantages and we all know by now but we will focus on a handicap that affects us all: the price.

The Lightning dependent accessories are expensive, especially if we chose Apple officials. Gradually, the marks will present alternatives to encourage more affordable and full-featured but before, these accessories must meet Apple's MFi program.

Mophie, one manufacturer that sells accessories for Apple products, has revealed an interesting fact about the authentication chip that incorporates all with free accessory Lightning: Apple may release an update to stop useless all unauthorized Lightning products, ie Chinese replicas that do not fit the Apple MFi program.

Apparently, using the reverse engineering process, the chip Lightning login authentication can be copied but if Apple decides to release an update, these replicas would not be able to adapt to change and stop working.

Apple This measure ensures maximum control when supplying accessories for their devices. Regarding cables, it is recommended to rely on manufacturers to spare recognized disaster and even more so after knowing this fact.

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Source - 9to5Mac

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