Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Apple Begins to Deny applications using "Tracking Cookies"

We all know the care and effort that puts Apple in monitoring the safety of all its products, this obsession with controlling every aspect of their machines has led them to achieve robust and reliable systems, where the word "virus" has virtually no place and wherein any security hole is covered with the same speed at which it appears. If some time ago Apple began rejecting applications that try to access the device's UDID, now back to go one step further and block all applications using dubious methods to track the location and user preferences.

apple gatekeeper macmalware preview 526x350 Apple Comienza a Denegar Aplicaciones que Usen Cookies de Rastreo

Apple is starting to ban new applications that use "tracking cookies" to gather information from users

Apparently one of these methods that Apple is beginning to ban are "tracking cookies", which basically recorded some cookies in Safari you can locate traffic, among other things, your IP address and some of the searches performed. They are normally used for advertising and do not pose a real problem for user safety. However, Apple has been reluctant to continue granting and use but still allows existing applications to use this method is already beginning to deny access to the App Store for those who want to use the system. The way applications are installed these cookies is to open Safari to install and leave them turned on to when the user opens the browser.

Precisely to combat such practices, Apple launched alongside iOS 6 an option to improve the security of the UDID, the "Limit Ad Tracking", something like an identifier of Advertising to replace the UDID, so any data is more secure from being stolen maliciously.

There are also rumors that some applications are serving stratagems to circumvent the security of Apple. The approach is to disable the "tracking cookies" while the application is under review and once again had to overcome to enable. But as we say, are rumors and should never be handled with tweezers as we believe that Apple must have more tools to know if this is true or has evidence that might be so.

Undoubtedly iOS is today one of the major sources of revenue for mobile advertising. But as we said, Apple has always followed his own path and safety issues have long been a priority of the company. The UDID replacement by a less compromising with the user information has been a declaration of intentions and probably we will see more companies will soon join the initiative.

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