Thursday, February 28, 2013

Anti-Piracy Tweetbot of a very original

Probably one of the most Twitter clients success and has received good reviews from users in recent years is Tweetbot. The client is available for iPhone, iPad and Mac, and virtually everyone who uses it for a while just saying that customer is the best there is. On more than one occasion I have seen people commenting on Twitter I wish there were a client version for Android, which demonstrates that the quality especially Tweetbot is proven.

pirateria tweetbot Tweetbot Lucha Contra la Piratería de una Forma muy Original

Being the best Twitter client has a number of problems and the first is the rules that apply to your API Twitter for some time. The network sets a limit of users that can use a client developed by a third party responsible for it have had to increase the price to try to "limit" their use. Yet this has not stopped piracy and this has sometimes that Tweetbot is close to exceeding the limit in which Twitter would cut access to the API.

This can be a big problem for the company responsible for the application, as have millions of legal users who have paid for the application, but what can they do to stop piracy?

As we all know, stop the illegal downloading of software or misuse is practically impossible. So people of Tapbots has cast some imagination and proposed users of pirated versions of the application inculpándose post a tweet using a pirated version, saying that the original purchase through the App Store or Mac App Store.

The particular message is this:

I've been demoing a pirated copy of @ Tweetbot and really like it so I'm going to buy a copy!

That translated into Castilian would say something like:

I've been tested a pirated copy of @ Tweetbot and I really like, so I'll buy a copy!

tweetbot Tweetbot Lucha Contra la Piratería de una Forma muy Original

The most curious thing is that Tapbots states that have not sent the tweet automatically to users who have used the pirated copy, but simply filled out the tweet field and it is the user who has to accept the shipment? Curious not it?

It seems that the awareness campaign they are working really well and a quick search on Twitter throws a lot of results with the above phrase.

Not got Tweetbot on your iPad, iPhone or Mac? What are you waiting? It's a really wonderful application and absolutely essential for anyone on Twitter

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