Saturday, February 2, 2013

Android Increases Profits in the Chinese Market

A new study by Strategy Analytics says that Android remains the dominant platform in China, with 86 percent of the market. However, Apple's market share has increased from 7.5 to 12 percent in just one year.

Android increases its profits in the Chinese market

The output of the iPhone 5 a month ago in the Asian giant, has had enough to do with it. It appears that only two percent of smartphones sold in China are operating systems other than Android or iOS.

Overall, China has experienced a significant increase in the number of smartphones in the market, with over 53 million units. This represents 64 percent more than last year. However, in a country where a single mobile operator has more than 100 million customers, we can infer that the bubble of smartphones has only to be born.

android aumenta china Android Aumenta sus Ganancias en el Mercado Chino

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, has said that in the first weekend sold almost two million iPhone 5 in the Asian giant. Also took place hundreds of thousands of additional reserves in stores spread across the geography of the country.

The biggest opportunity for Apple going to get along with China Mobile, the largest mobile operator in the country with over 703 million customers. Supposed to have been trading for years, and the latest reports suggest that the contract between the two millionaire is about to be signed.

Interestingly, however, the version of Android that swarms by China is not the same as we have in Europe, America and other regions. Due to the communist government's control over Internet traffic, Google native applications do not appear on the desktop of smartphones. So the Chinese can go to forget about GMail or Maps.

android aumenta china 2 650x503 Android Aumenta sus Ganancias en el Mercado Chino

Do not be mistake about the delay in the contract between the bitten apple company and China Mobile, has a lot to do with it. Meanwhile, Apple has been quick to make their iPhone 5 are available for sale in stores as much as possible. They have opened a few Apple Store in China, in addition to increasing the number of officers to 400 affiliated stores.

The last time I spoke to Apple sales, the company said earnings from sales of technology products increased to seven billion dollars, well over four billion last year. It is interesting to see how much of these gains come from the iPhone and iPad.

In coming months, Apple is going to play in China. Its success depends on the iPhone 5 and the successful deployment of LTE network in major cities. It must also reach an agreement with China Mobile if you want to approach Android figures.

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