Monday, February 18, 2013

An interactive map with all providers of Apple

proveedores apple Un mapa interactivo con todos los proveedores de Apple

Thanks to public data that Apple offers through its official website we have an idea of ​​the companies working as providers of the bitten apple from different parts of the world. David Barreda, Site ChinaFile has created an interactive map, based on the information provided by Apple, which shows all the Californian company providers in the world.

In this interactive map find who the suppliers of Apple, where in the world are located and what they do, in the production of the company's devices. As we could imagine, 80% of suppliers shown on this map are located in Asia. On this continent we find the main factories of Foxconn, the company responsible for assembling much of Apple products.

We can not fail to mention that Apple has already started to produce the new iMacs from U.S. soil. This is also reflected in the study by David Barreda.

On the map are reflected countries like Japan, South Korea, China (which, of course, takes the highest percentage), Singapore and the Philippines.

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Source- File China

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