Tuesday, February 19, 2013

An Illinois School Will buy iPad in April 7000 for their students

Not the first time news arising schools that use the Apple iPad in the classroom. This is a perfect device for such tasks as favors that students can learn and also thanks to the tablet can do differently to which they are accustomed, which makes the interest to multiply and be more vigilant .

In the Palatine-Schaumburg High School in Illinois know well and after an initial order of 1,500 units of iPad 2 last fall, have announced they will make a new request for some 4,000 iPad 4 in order to reach more students.

ipad ebook Una Escuela de Illinois Comprar√° 7.000 iPad 4 para sus Alumnos

The district in which the center will pay between 1.25 and 1.43 million for a lease of three years from 6,000 to 7,000 units of iPad in April, an amount that will make around 50% of students can have an Apple tablet for their classes.

After a pilot test, the Illinois school has decided to buy another 7,000 iPad

The institution will also have to "educate" about 60 teachers to participate in the initiative.

"Three teachers already using the iPad in class made a presentation last Thursday on the effectiveness of the project. They all admitted that there was an initial learning curve, but there was consensus that the devices are working wonders with students, especially students who present greater challenge them to learn. "

Teachers insist that the Apple tablet has resulted in a better organization, instant information, saving paper and better use of time in class. And thanks to the students and some applications may not be aware of other things and are accountable to their studies.

Daniel Cates, one of the leading representatives of the project said:

"We believe the program is changing our teachers, our instruction is changing and, most importantly, is changing the way students interact with their world."

With these words, it seems that the project is working like a charm in this district of Illinois (USA). Other countries have also begun testing iPad in classrooms and general assessments have been published and have come to have some impact are always positive.

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