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Ad campaigns for Samsung and Apple: Who wins the battle?

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Samsung is not skimping on costs to reach as many customers as possible. We know that the South Korean company invests more in marketing than Apple: while Apple usually bet on global marketing campaigns aimed at high net segments and focussing primarily on its products, for its part, Samsung is committed to conduct all types promotional actions. You have only to look around you every day: Samsung is present in many billboards, events, activities, etc. This is how the firm tries to approach all markets and that's how you're eating ground to Apple.

Until recently, Apple has been known for the simplicity of their advertisements and to show clear and direct messages. However, we need a renewal in the advertising department of Apple. The company already tried to change strategy with a different style ads during the broadcast of the Olympic Games, but he shot backfired. Thousands of voices were raised against the company for a campaign that was offensive to their customers. Is the answer to Apple? Withdraw immediately, all television ads and their YouTube channel. The campaign disappeared without a trace.

For its part, Samsung campaigns are gaining more and more strength. The company rose to prominence last year and half with commercials in which they basically made fun of Apple customers and tails they had to wait to be done with a new product launched by the company. The idea is summed up with the slogan used: "The Next Big Thing is Already Here". Who is behind this motto? Ken Segall, responsible for some of the most famous advertising campaigns in the history of Apple, and "Think Different". Segall worked closely with Steve Jobs over ten years and, in fact, is responsible for the Mac takes the "i" in front (iMac).

Ken Segall has been working for over a year with Samsung, developing their advertising campaigns. According to Segall, the Apple marketing department is falling behind and "it is impossible to innovate beyond traditional display ads for just one product." Samsung's campaign "is riskier and commitment to original ideas, in addition to familiar faces." "Samsung is also present in all important event," Segall confessed in an interview with Bloomberg.

Reason no Segall lacks in this regard, since Samsung disbursed several million dollars in the Super Bowl for the issuance of your ads. Apple said nothing during the sporting event of the year. However, the ceremony was the most contested Oscar because both companies have hired advertising spaces: Samsung opted for its "The Next Big Thing is Already Here", with director Tim Burton's face, while Apple chose to give prominence to the iPad mini.

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What do you think about the words of Ken Segall? Is it true that Samsung is gaining on Apple in the battle of marketing?

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Source- Bloomberg

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