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According to a study the iPhone is 300% more reliable than Samsung Smartphones

The iPhone is the best selling phone in the world and now is not only that, but also the most reliable. This is shown by the latest study conducted by the company on reliability FixYa smartphones,   which places the iPhone on top. Despite how strange it may seem to some, the study has been fully rigorous, based on 722,558 bug reports reported by the users to assign a rating to the company's most reliable of all. Apple and the iPhone have captained this study with a score of 3.47, almost 300% higher than the company that ranks second, Samsung, with a score of 1.21.

The third and fourth place is occupied with a 0.68 Nokia and Motorola scoring a 0.13 practically irrelevant. It's really interesting to see the statistics of the issues of most concern to users of every platform. Then I show them.

apple iphone5 Según un Estudio el iPhone es un 300% más Fiable que los Smartphones de Samsung

Ranking of most trusted brands:

  1. Apple: 3.47%
  2. Samsung: 1.21%
  3. Nokia: 0.68%
  4. Motorola: 0.13%

We can see how Apple dominates by far the ranking and it is not surprising, as it has for several consecutive years being the company with the highest customer satisfaction.

Top 5 Apple problems

  1. Battery life: 35%
  2. The lack of new features: 20%
  3. The little customization: 15%
  4. Problems to connect to Wi-fi: 15%
  5. Other: 15%

As expected the battery life queen this ranking. It really is a problem that affects all smartphones on the market today and see how it is also present in other rankings, but it is true that with the upgrade to iOS 6 are receiving many reports of poor battery life. Secondly find a topic you're taking weight lately, many users see a stagnant and cry iOS new features being returned to the top of the wave.

Top 5 Samsung problems

  1. Problems with microphone: 40%
  2. Problems with speaker: 20%
  3. Battery life: 15%
  4. Heating device: 15%
  5. Other: 10%

Top 5 Nokia problems

  1. Delay in response time: 35%
  2. A poor application ecosystem: 20%
  3. Battery life: 20%
  4. Heating device: 15%
  5. Other: 10%

Top 5 Motorola problems

  1. The pre-installed applications: 30%
  2. Touch Screen Problems: 25%
  3. Speaker Quality: 20%
  4. Camera Quality: 15%
  5. Other: 10%

As we can see issues with the sound, which is ultimately essential in mobile because we must not forget what their main function, they are present in greater or less extent in all three companies. Also surprising the large number of people reporting problems with the microphone on your Samsung terminal, followed by speaker problems.

Studies like this are very interesting to know what the main problems affecting the current smartphone landscape in general and each particular brand. Definitely a must-read and consider before opting for one brand or another.

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