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A sensor for a sports helmet that sends data to the iPhone

Sports are always fun to avoid causing any accidents among its participants. Whereas the Super Bowl is today, we will present a new accessory that can help prevent injuries serious enough among participants in sports with a risk of head injuries. We refer to such successful sports such as ice hockey, football and rugby.

Imagine you receive a blow to the head accidentally playing your favorite sport. I hurt a bit and you feel a bit dizzy for a few seconds, but do not know whether that blow was too strong or not. Do not know if you should see a doctor to find out for sure or not.

A sensor for a sports helmet that sends data to the iPhone

Well, Impakt Protective Company has released a sensor based on accelerometers which is inserted into a sport helmet. Note that this case can be anywhere, accept the small sensor. Thus, we can enjoy this functionality in sports such as mountain biking, skating, skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing, ice hockey, football, caving or anyone you can think of where you can get hit in the head.

If a player gets hit too much force, the sensor will alert Shockbox called with a specific color to an iPhone you've programmed (also accepts other devices).

sensor casco iphone Un Sensor para un Casco Deportivo que EnvĂ­a Datos al iPhone

It all started when people of Impakt Protective realized that the rate of serious brain injuries in collision sports was increasing alarmingly. For example, in the NFL in the United States, more than 160 players last season were unconscious after a powerful blow to an opponent. Recent research points to a strong correlation between beats playing sports, the long-term brain damage, problems of depression and aggression.

In the video below you can see how this device advertised and explained the process followed to design it. The truth is sobering, especially those that we have been practicing ever hit our favorite sport.

The interesting thing is that you can associate with more than 128 Shockboxes one iPhone, so a coach or a sports doctor for a particular team could be controlled in real time, to all employees. Thus, the changes could decide based on the integrity of his players, and if injury is unpayable gain a few seconds when treating concussion.

What do you think this type of initiative? Would you be interested in acquiring a similar sensor to practice your contact sports more safely? If that is your case, you can find the sensor of Impakt Protective Shockbox the company website or via the link at the end of the article, for the price of $ 149.

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