Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A patent to unlock the iPhone with images

Screen Shot 2013 02 12 at 7.06.13 PM Una patente para desbloquear el iPhone con imágenes

Undoubtedly, iOS is falling behind in many aspects. One is in blocking password our iOS devices: a nuisance that should have been replaced long ago by techniques such as facial recognition or drawing a pattern that the user sets. We know that the company is working to offer more comfortable other methods to block the iPhones and this week we get one of them through the Trademark Office and U.S. Pat.

In this patent, filed by Apple, detailing how they could unlock an iPhone through images. The user would establish a series of images associated with their profile and lock screen would be responsible for selecting the right answers. We explained better with an example:

Select a photo with the face of a friend, and indicate the name of that friend. When we want to unlock the terminal, including all options that we offer lock screen, press in the name of our friend to unlock the terminal. If you click the wrong name, the phone can not be unlocked. The same can be done with objects and animals.

An interesting idea. Only hope that Apple will apply the story and we will soon see other options terminal block.

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Source- Patently Apple

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