Monday, February 11, 2013

A new clone of the iPhone 5 is cooking on assembly lines

 Un nuevo clon del iPhone 5 se está cocinando en líneas de montaje

Rumors that Apple would release an iPhone 5S early are the order of the day. A ny filtration is reason enough to put to work the machine and start the rumor mill spinning on very solid foundations yet.

In this day have leaked some f otografías a Foxconn assembly line where you could see a terminal that looks similar to iPhone 5 but with a plate on which you can see a vibrator that Apple uses different right now. That has been the trigger for thinking we were seeing the first units of the iPhone 5S.

The joy has been short since the assembly of components into the housing of the phone leaves much to be desired, far short of the levels to which we are accustomed Apple. The detail that has blasted the rumor of being in an iPhone 5S has been the presence of a slot for SD cards, something Apple does not make the work even more so when we started to see the first iOS device with 128GB of storage .

You have more pictures of this clone of the iPhone 5 in the source of the news.

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Source - 9to5Mac

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