Saturday, February 9, 2013

A former employee of Apple speculates on a Smart Clock

The square-shaped clock that had the iPod Nano of the past generation, raised in the time series of rumors and information about the possibility that Apple was working on a smart wristwatch.

With recent advances in connectivity, miniaturization and duration of the battery, do not be surprised that the apple company was working on an iWatch or something. According to Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini, former employee of the California company and founder of the human-machine interface, your old team of engineers is working on a smart watch that could do everything we expect and more.

A former employee of Apple speculates about a possible smart watch

The main limitations when using the previous iPod Nano as a watch was the need to use headphones with wires, the lack of Bluetooth or WiFi and a small selection of applications. In addition, the battery lasted just over 24 hours, which is unacceptable for a watch that is not supposed to be carrying every snap.

Tog believes Apple is working hard on a new smart watch, designed from scratch to offer everything that is expected of him. According to this former employee, the new device could have unknown functions so far as coordination of other devices like the iPad , iPhone and iPod Touch from the same user.

reloj apple antiguo empleado Un Antiguo Empleado de Apple Especula sobre un Reloj Inteligente

Furthermore, dares to predict that this watch, hitting the market, would be a great revolution for users and for Apple itself. Perhaps this could be a lever that most analysts say the apple company needs to re-earn the respect and trust of fans and detractors of its technology.

In an article on his personal blog, Tog gives his view of the mysterious clock. It is assumed that could function as a watchdog of other dispostivos iOS, locating, locking and managing its content in case of theft or loss. Therefore, it could have installed a smaller version of Google Maps and some services Bluetooth connection with nearby devices like the iPad or iPhone.

Gives an example that I like: Imagine giving orders to any iOS device using Siri through the watch. We approached a little mouth and give a command, as in futuristic movies. So we should not get the iPhone or the iPad pocket of the suitcase.

reloj apple antiguo empleado 2 Un Antiguo Empleado de Apple Especula sobre un Reloj Inteligente

All this happens because the new Bluetooth 4.0 facility when easily connect multiple devices and robustness. Furthermore, it should be able to withstand several days without problems with a single battery charge. On this matter, Tog reassures his readers explaining that the apple company is investing time and money in researching battery technologies.

What do you think the new Apple smart watch? Do you see potential in the short to medium term?

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