Friday, February 15, 2013

A bug in iOS 6.1 allows Bypass iPhone Lock Code

iOS 6.1 was released a few weeks ago and Apple has already had to fix a couple of bugs quite important. Today we can see a video on YouTube showing a new error of iOS 6.1: a user takes advantage of a bug in the software to make calls bypassing the lock picked an iPhone without putting the password.

iphone lock screen Un Error en iOS 6.1 Permite Saltarse el Código de Bloqueo del iPhone

An error of iOS 6.1 allows calls from the lock screen without putting the password

A YouTube video shows how, with a few taps, you can skip the iPhone lock code. The video was discovered by The Verge on Thursday and climbed a user named "videosdebarraquito". Basically he found that the emergency call feature and get off the skip button lock and not have to enter the password to access the phone. The video is shown to be able to make a call to one of the contacts that are stored on your phone.

In addition, the user who has discovered the trick says that besides call contacts, was able to see and edit the contact list, recent calls, contact list and make a call to any phone number, then deleting the record of the call.

The Cupertino have been quick to release a statement in which they say that Apple is working on a solution:

"Apple takes security very seriously its users. We are aware of this problem and offer a software update that will fix in the future. "

Another thing that Apple needs to address as part of the review of iOS 6.1. Earlier this week, as we saw, Apple released iOS 6.1.1 which aimed to address a bug that caused some iPhone 4S users experienced problems with 3G connectivity . In addition, iOS 6.1 also has brought problems with Exchange, an error recognized by both Microsoft and Apple as causing Exchange servers becomes saturated when entering an infinite loop of requests from devices running iOS 6.1.

This trick can be useful if you forget the code and you have access to your contacts urgently, but also poses a serious security problem, because if your phone is stolen or gets lost anyone who knows you could make calls with your device. The ruling is the operating system, so "the trick" works on any iPhone that has iOS 6.1 installed.

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