Thursday, February 21, 2013

5 Games for iPad More than Addictive

We have been reviewing the App Store and we present the five most addictive games for iPad. In them there is a common denominator, you can not stop playing until you finish it. Among them you will see classics like Angry Birds or Plants vs. Zombies HD and HD games very new but equally addictive as Fairway Solitaire HD. The truth is that we all share a simple game form where the missions and objectives to be met are not complicated at all, at least at first glance. Have you tried any?, Tell us your opinion.

The 5 most addictive games for iPad that we downloaded from the App Store

Fairway Solitaire HD is the most addictive game. This amazing game for iPad has been a big change on games loner. Here the letters involved in much the same way that the golf clubs. Your mission is to try to finish with all the cards in the field. Do you think you will be able to complete all the holes?

A game like Candy Crush Saga must be installed on all iPad, at least try. In this addictive game you have to match candies in formations of three, four and five. You will create special sweets and combine them to make stronger. Each screen will have to overcome a challenge, are you ready?

Plants vs. Zombies HD is already a classic in the iPad and today we can say it is more addictive than we tested. The tone of the game is simple, you have to build a defense in your garden so that no zombies invade your home. You will need the help of the sun for the plants to grow as fast as possible.

Angry Birds HD is the most recognized game in the App Store. Who has not played this fantastic game or one of the versions? Always being updated Angry Birds HD does not disappoint and safely burn many hours playing this simple but addictive game for iPad.

Fruit Nija HD leads us to slip up to three fingers simultaneously on the screen of your iPad to cut all fruits as you can in the shortest time possible. Also in the latest update added multiplayer mode that lets you play against another person from the same iPad or networked. All it will cost an addiction stop.

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