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4 vs iPad. Microsoft Surface RT

Technology is advancing rapidly. Just a few weeks ago we read the possibility of a confrontation between the Apple iPad 3 and Microsoft Surface. Soon, even before Microsoft launched its tablet, Apple announced the fourth generation of the iPad.

ipad 4 vs surface 622x350 iPad 4 vs. Microsoft Surface RT

What will the new Microsoft tablet intriguing compared to iPad 4 ? Let's see it.


ipad 4 vs surface dimensiones iPad 4 vs. Microsoft Surface RT

The iPad 4, as we know, has the same dimensions and the same design as the iPad 3. Looking at the picture, we see that the iPad and Surface have exactly the same width but different length and width.

The Surface is mainly a tablet that should be used in horizontal, as its rectangular screen with 16:9 aspect ratio may seem strange in portrait mode.


ipad 4 vs surface peso iPad 4 vs. Microsoft Surface RT

Not much to say, the numbers speak for themselves. The Surface is slightly heavier than the iPad 4.


ipad 4 vs surface pantalla iPad 4 vs. Microsoft Surface RT

On paper, the iPad's screen is much better than the Surface. It has three times more pixels than the Microsoft tablet screen.

However, Surface screen might work better than the numbers suggest. According to one expert, the ClearType technology that has been used in the Surface screen makes it look much sharper than the resolution says. It is unlikely, however, that will match the Retina Display iPad, the market leader.


ipad 4 vs surface procesador iPad 4 vs. Microsoft Surface RT

The processor is the biggest change I received the iPad 4 versus iPad 3. Its variation is A6X chip SoC vitaminized A6 found in the iPhone 5. Like the A6, is a dual core processor, but the A6X has four graphics cores to help move the Retina display. Apple announced, when he introduced the iPad in April, this new chip doubled the speed and graphics performance of the iPad 3.

For its part, Microsoft Surface, mounted a chip nVidia Tegra 3 quad-core, which is still one of the best performing mobile chips is giving.


ipad 4 vs surface ram iPad 4 vs. Microsoft Surface RT

Apple is not saying much given to memory figures riding their devices, performance and speak only as improvement to the previous generation. But that's what blogs and specialized users. According to some tests, the iPad 4 seems to keep the amount of 1 GB of RAM you have the iPad 3. The Surface, meanwhile, provides a total of 2GB of RAM.


ipad 4 vs surface almacenamiento iPad 4 vs. Microsoft Surface RT

Microsoft has been trying to keep the price of Surface next to the price of iPad, so it has been cut enough in regards to storage. Still, the base model of the Surface offers twice the amount of internal storage which provides the base model of the iPad. However, many analysts and users have reported that the Surface system occupies a lot of space, leaving the usable storage for the user in the middle of what is advertised. The latter has been confirmed by Microsoft .


ipad 4 vs surface conectividad iPad 4 vs. Microsoft Surface RT

The Microsoft Surface, at least for now, only WiFi version. The iPad version 4 is available in WiFi or WiFi +3 G / LTE. In addition, the latest model of Apple's tablet expands its capacity to cover WiFi dual band 802.11n networks.


ipad 4 vs surface bateria iPad 4 vs. Microsoft Surface RT

The iPad 4 has a longer battery power than the Surface, but this specification need not translate into a longer life in actual use. Remember that the iPad's battery must be capable of powering a screen with three times more pixels than the Surface, so the battery life could become similar in both tablet.


ipad 4 vs surface camaras iPad 4 vs. Microsoft Surface RT

Apple updated the iPad's front camera 4 and sincerely Surface cameras do not arrive or the soles of the shoes. Microsoft did not want nor indicate megapixel camera with your tablet, said only that he could record video at 720p, which, in technical terms, it may mean that they will be around 1MP. In some Surface analysis has commented that the cameras are really bad, maybe even worse than the iPad 2.


ipad 4 vs surface accesorios iPad 4 vs. Microsoft Surface RT

One of the accessories that define Microsoft's Surface-keyboard cover. The Touch Cover is one of the most innovative inventions in technology mobile 2012. Think of a Smart Cover iPad with touch-sensitive keys and trackpad. The only downside is that this will cost an extra $ 100 if you buy it by the Surface, or $ 120 if purchased separately.

As for accessories, the only change is the inclusion iPad 4 Lightning connector, thus completing the range of Apple devices that incorporate the new connector. Its advantages are that it is smaller and reversible, and its major drawback is that it makes the above accessories are incompatible. Yes, there is an adapter, but we'll have to shell out $ 30 for it. The connector change is good, because it means the possibility of closer devices, but Apple could have had the details of making a little less cash and include the adapter in their new devices, would have been a way to recognize the loyalty of their previous clients.


We can not compare these two tablet without talking about the software they include. The iPad comes with iOS 6 installed as standard, with the largest collection of applications available in the world. Surface, meanwhile, RT running Windows, an operating system that is within the branch of Windows 8. This system can not run any Windows application, all applications must come from the Windows Store. The advantage of the iPad software available is overwhelming.

A strength that is Surface Microsoft, however, is Microsoft Office. RT The new version of the legendary office suite is included in the tablet at no extra cost. Depending on the use to which it will give the tablet, this could be a determining factor when purchasing either.

In summary

If you ask Microsoft, the Surface is more than a match for the iPad, a brand new product. It may well be, but nevertheless, potential buyers will compare hopelessly devices. Remains to be seen if the Surface is the product that will change the market as expected Microsoft. Since the launch, the only thing we know for sure is that this is a bold new device with an attractive design and innovative accessories, but with a little software library.

The iPad, meanwhile, remains the undisputed leader of the tablet market. The iPad 4 is a minor update on the iPad 3, but has received a big boost in performance with the new chip A6X. For a product that has so far been untouched, it is possible that it was all I had to do Apple.

I must say that, personally, I see Windows 8 as a great operating system for the tablet. It's nice and pretty intuitive. A little to the developers give some support, could give enough war.

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