Thursday, February 28, 2013

Apple shares fall 35% since September

Yesterday was the annual meeting of shareholders of Apple and has coincided with another fall in the value of shares: 1%, remaining at $ 444.29 ($ 441.40 as you see now).

Apple Stock

Since September, whose value peaked, the shares of the company on the block have fallen almost 35% and investors are biting, appearing annoyed by this constant decline in value. In fact, David Einhorn, hedge fund manager of Greenlight Capital and one of the largest investors of Apple, has again comment that should distribute more dividends to investors.

Einhorn, who won a demanad filed against the company that began to press for this issue, has spoken out among multiple complaints to be heard: Apple will want to know how to fix the situation. We discussed that Apple had made ​​a distribution in mid-February , when Einhorn curiously won the lawsuit. Although not yet have all the data of the meeting, the discomfort is palpable.

Tim Cook, meanwhile, has come out after these statements and has said he is also upset with the falling value of the shares of Apple. He, the policy and the government team. Clearly, Cook is the first concerned that Apple values ​​stabilize or, much better, grow up, but, what steps will you take to it?

The only thing that has managed to bring forward is that we are working very hard:

The company is focused on long-term work and do the best you can. There are great things to come.

With Samsung and other companies on the heels, Apple has put the batteries, but if it is true that they have "great stuff", says Cook, in the oven, we are convinced that the actions will stabilize soon.

But all this will open season with new questions and doubts: a revolutionary device will soon? How much time is left to the iPhone franchise as we know it?

Apple fans are looking forward to see turned into reality the words of Tim Cook!


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The YouTube application is updated for iPhone and iPad

youtube La aplicación de Youtube se actualiza para iPhone y iPad

Google has launched a Youtube application update is available in the App Store and can be installed on both the iPhone and the iPad.

The main novelty of version 1.2.1 is the function "Send to TV" that was added last year in the Youtube application for Android. Like an alternative to AirPlay technology it were, this option is present in many televisions today, Google TV and the Xbox 360 and PS3. Then we can use the application as the sole intermediary Youtube to play videos on our TV. Despite the addition of this new protocol, it is still possible to use AirPlay if desired.

The new update of the application also includes an optimization Youtube when watching videos on Wi-Fi networks with low bandwidth. Now you create a much larger buffer to avoid annoying interruptions that sometimes appear when we're watching a video.

Finally, improved application stability and added the ability to record videos and upload them using the Capture Youtube application.

After removal of the YouTube application that was included in iOS, this app has become a mandatory download for all owners of an iPhone, an iPad and an iPod Touch:

544007664es La aplicación de Youtube se actualiza para iPhone y iPad YouTube
Developer: Google, Inc.
Rated: 12 + stars3 La aplicación de Youtube se actualiza para iPhone y iPad
Price: Free (Download application)

More - The application Youtube Capture is updated with support 1080P

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Samsung loses another lawsuit in Japan accusing Apple of patent infringement

Today we bring you a new chapter in the endless legal novel Apple and Samsung are leading. Since Apple opened the ban denouncing the Korean giant in a court of the United States, both companies have been speaking for half the world court, accusing each other of violating patents and step to block sales of rival devices the country.

apple vs samsung2 Samsung Pierde Otro Juicio en Japón al Acusar a Apple de Infringir Patentes

Apparently Apple sued Samsung in a court of Japan and the main reason for the lawsuit was an alleged violation of Apple in certain patents related to 3G wireless communication including certain models of iPhone. Recall that Samsung also sued Apple in the United States precisely for the same reason, this time the complaint contained a series of devices that have violated patents related to 3G standards, among which are the iPhone 5 , the iPad and iPod Touch.

Samsung continues to battle Apple in court without good results

This time, according to Kyodo, the judge handling the case, Ichiro Otaka has rejected Samsung's claim and is therefore rejected his request to block Apple products in Japan. Apple has defended the allegation claiming that Samsung's patent was not very easy to develop if you take into account older products of the same company.

In turn, Samsung has shown its dissatisfaction with the judge's verdict:

"We are disappointed by the court decision taken today. After careful examination of the judgment we will take steps to protect our intellectual property rights. "

We must remember that this is a preliminary verdict, so Samsung can still appeal and we are fully confident that it will, as has happened in other trials before half the world.

apple vs samsung Japon Samsung Pierde Otro Juicio en Japón al Acusar a Apple de Infringir Patentes

It is amazing the great storm that has erupted between the two companies since Apple Samsung denounce the middle of last year. The court ruled in favor of the boys from Cupertino and Korean multinational forced to pay 1,000 million to Apple for infringement of its patents and ban the sale of Samsung products in U.S. territory that violate these patents. In the same judgment the Korean giant Apple claimed over $ 600 million for violation of its patents on 3G issues and his camera phone. That request was rejected by the court.

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Crazy Bill in the hotel of the stars Zombies: a new concept of Endless Runner

Click here to watch video

Crazy Bill is a fun iPhone game in which you control Bill, a daring character who enters the Zombies-Star Hotel to get as high as possible and achieve the highest score.

As we go up floor by floor in this hotel have to go crazy shooting zombies, some normal and some very special. The famous Zombies are scattered in some plants, and find so amusing situations like finding Dr. House Zombie saying "Lupuuuus", or the sponsor or his DeLorean Marty McFly, the other characters will leave you to go out to find them enjoying.

As we climb plants we find new weapons and power-ups, both have to go unlocking them to use the money that we will win by killing Zombies. Unlock new features we will get higher each game, and to discover new and hilarious situations.

The controls are very simple, jump and shoot. It's like playing an Endless Runner but with the peculiarity that you are seeing the next floor of the hotel and you can start thinking about what you have to do: jump the fire, kill the zombies, avoid the hole, take a gun, go up the elevator, etc..

The game is completely free, and buy weapons and power ups is not difficult with the coins getting going, but when you get to the 48th floor you'll go to jail, where you have no weapons and you have to avoid the mice and a loving companion cell for 30 seconds. If you want to avoid jail and also eliminate advertising can pay 0.89 euros to do so. If the game really hooks you sure you will to avoid jail, but as I say you can play perfectly without paying anything. You can also buy coins to get weapons and power ups faster, and share the game on your social networks to get coins.

Finally, a game made ​​in Spain, really fun and addictive that you can play for free. I recommend it.

578170283es Crazy Bill en el hotel de las estrellas Zombis: un nuevo concepto de Endless Runner Crazy Bill
Developer: Ivanovich Games
Rated: 12 + stars5 Crazy Bill en el hotel de las estrellas Zombis: un nuevo concepto de Endless Runner
Price: Free (Download application)

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Anti-Piracy Tweetbot of a very original

Probably one of the most Twitter clients success and has received good reviews from users in recent years is Tweetbot. The client is available for iPhone, iPad and Mac, and virtually everyone who uses it for a while just saying that customer is the best there is. On more than one occasion I have seen people commenting on Twitter I wish there were a client version for Android, which demonstrates that the quality especially Tweetbot is proven.

pirateria tweetbot Tweetbot Lucha Contra la Piratería de una Forma muy Original

Being the best Twitter client has a number of problems and the first is the rules that apply to your API Twitter for some time. The network sets a limit of users that can use a client developed by a third party responsible for it have had to increase the price to try to "limit" their use. Yet this has not stopped piracy and this has sometimes that Tweetbot is close to exceeding the limit in which Twitter would cut access to the API.

This can be a big problem for the company responsible for the application, as have millions of legal users who have paid for the application, but what can they do to stop piracy?

As we all know, stop the illegal downloading of software or misuse is practically impossible. So people of Tapbots has cast some imagination and proposed users of pirated versions of the application inculpándose post a tweet using a pirated version, saying that the original purchase through the App Store or Mac App Store.

The particular message is this:

I've been demoing a pirated copy of @ Tweetbot and really like it so I'm going to buy a copy!

That translated into Castilian would say something like:

I've been tested a pirated copy of @ Tweetbot and I really like, so I'll buy a copy!

tweetbot Tweetbot Lucha Contra la Piratería de una Forma muy Original

The most curious thing is that Tapbots states that have not sent the tweet automatically to users who have used the pirated copy, but simply filled out the tweet field and it is the user who has to accept the shipment? Curious not it?

It seems that the awareness campaign they are working really well and a quick search on Twitter throws a lot of results with the above phrase.

Not got Tweetbot on your iPad, iPhone or Mac? What are you waiting? It's a really wonderful application and absolutely essential for anyone on Twitter

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You can buy your image, but not change their habits

Sometimes companies hire celebrities, singers, sports stars ... to lend his image to promote their products or devices. They fill their mouths preaching the virtues of products, identifying with them and their time with the company. Nothing could be further from the truth.


This is the case of Alicia Keys with BlackBerry 10 and Oprah with Microsoft Surface. Maybe it's brand image, but in their daily preferences seem to be very different.

Blackberry not to be pleased after checking that Alicia Keys used a mobile competition, specifically an iPhone. The singer found himself when several of his tweets could clearly read "via Twitter for iPhone".


As the singer actively participates in advertising of the brand that has been named the new creative director of the Canadian brand. Can you imagine Jonathan Ive tweeting from a Samsung Galaxy SIII? I doubt it.

He later stated to the New York Times that from now would only use BlackBerry, but that morning sent a tweet from your iPhone with one of the slogans of BlackBerry: "We started from the bottom, and now we're here."


Upon discovering his mistake, quickly deleted it and then write another tweet in which he expressed his bewilderment, claiming to have been hacked.

Remember the case of Oprah Winfrey, one of the heavier television voices in the United States. Microsoft's stated his advertising campaign, in which we invested more than 1500 million dollars.


Oprah repeatedly expressed in one of his favorite devices was the new Windows tablet, the MS Surface (for that was paid, of course). This is why we announced the purchase of 12 tablets to give away at Christmas to family and friends. Does your error? Twitearlo through an iPad.


I suppose they are two clear examples of the hypocrisy of the XXI century: everything is for sale, everything is bought, where is the consistency, the ideas themselves? Maybe they can buy / sell your image, but it has become clear preference for Apple devices.

Devices should be used to see Zooey Deschanell and Samuel L. Jackson in real life when touting the iPhone 4S to see if anyone is faithful to anyone, or if the iPhone is actually chosen by the famous ...


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