Sunday, January 27, 2013

With iOS 7, ran out in Skeumorfismo Apple Designs

The skeumorfismo is a word coined in the world of design to define the use of real-world concepts in the digital context. For years, Apple has used it to give it a more original look to its interface, but may have been passed. Part of the boredom that users of Apple's mobile operating system have, is precisely due to abuse of this design paradigm.

The skewmorfismo in designs could disappear Apple iOS 7

That's why many media are echoing some recent rumors about the next round of iOS. Apparently the apple company would send skeumorfismo ride to give a complete facelift to its mobile operating system. The digital interfaces must be different from the real world, so according to this new paradigm iOS all 7 screens have a unified aesthetic, sober and aluminum based.

se acabo skeumorfismo ios 7 2 301x350 Con iOS 7, se Acabó el Skeumorfismo en los Diseños de Apple

Responsible for this change would be nothing short of Jony Ive, Internet and some artists have been quick to think how would the typical applications of this new aesthetic iOS aluminum.

se acabo skeumorfismo ios 7 628x350 Con iOS 7, se Acabó el Skeumorfismo en los Diseños de Apple

It is assumed that the latest updates on Android Apple iOS 6 and come give some clues to this aesthetic change and works l, although few have realized. And is that some design theorists are right to say that, by now, the world is ready for purely digital interfaces that have nothing to do with a real environment.

Would you like to see a design change in iOS 7, or instead prefer to focus on new techniques and aesthetics do not touch?

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