Monday, January 21, 2013

Will it change Apple Technology for its touch screens?

This week starts warm as rumors about new technologies for future Apple devices. Specifically, it appears that the first tests for the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 (howsoever called), are resulting in broken screens.

Furthermore, we have learned that Innolux and AUO companies are providing technology screens OGS (One Glass Solution) for some tests with the iPad Mini. Now this does not mean the apple company will use new screens, but at least we know who is considering alternatives to the existing.

Will it change Apple technology for their touch screens?

Innolux The proposed structure comprises a touch-shaped cells in which the sensor is located in the upper glass (responsible for the colors of the pixels), under the polarizer. LCD combines technology and tactile, so Innolux be quite interested in working with Apple.

 ¿Cambiará Apple de Tecnología para sus Pantallas Táctiles?

Furthermore, the integrated circuits OGS company ITO touch sensors under the protective glass. There are two methods, and each uses a different solution. You see, Apple has enough options to consider a change in technology to better riding their touchscreens.

For some time, LG Display is the one responsible for providing full integration in the panels of the screen of the iPhone 5. However, assuming that OGS technology exceeds the rigorous testing of the quality of Apple computer, for which of the companies who are competing decant believe that?

In any case, we hope that this new technology will help lower the cost of production of the new devices, and to improve its production rate.

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