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Why Apple should stop making apps for iOS

When you open your new iPhone and turn it on for the first time, you realize that Apple has already installed a lot of apps for you. It's a great idea because it allows you to use many applications right out of the box. Even the most novice user can press an icon of an application and start testing some things from its new terminal.

app tiempo 484x350 Por qué Apple Debería Dejar de Hacer Aplicaciones para iOS

And at that point is where the problem lies: most users do not replace the default applications for alternative applications of third parties. Mainly used comes installed applications on your phone.

And it is for this reason that Apple should stop making applications, Apple applications that come by default are giving iPhone users second-class experience. Almost all applications created by Apple for the iPhone, installed by default or not, can be replaced by superior alternatives.

Instead of investing heavily in the creation of applications, Apple should have an annual competition and choose the best applications for default install on their devices. In the first iPhone, Apple included some default Google applications such as YouTube and Google Maps. In 2007 these applications were good, now are fantastic. But now I do not come standard on the phone. In the case of YouTube, Apple has not bothered or include an alternative. And in the case of Google Maps, as we know, have replaced some maps themselves and of poor quality.

All this contributes to Android users who use applications that come by default in your device, have a much better experience in the video and maps of their phones. In other words, when Android users are using videos or maps, have the feeling of using a far superior phone.

As the world has become much more able to design and build applications for iOS, Apple has worsened. The two latest Apple apps were a disaster. I refer to the aforementioned maps and Podcasts.

Podcasts are one of the worst pieces of software that Apple has produced. Controls have incredibly small, especially the red line that is used to slide forward and backward a podcast. Sometimes simply not downloaded podcasts. The application loads information about subscriptions to podcasts from the beginning. It's ugly, inconsistent and unstable.

Meanwhile, Google has become an application designer to better than Apple iOS. And I speak not only about the features and functions. While Apple has produced some rather clumsy user interfaces and ugly, Google has been impressing with elegant interfaces and minimalist designs. Have you seen the new Gmail for iOS?, Does Google Maps?,? Google+?, Youtube??,? Chrome?. They are visually coherent, functional, beautiful and attractive. They are the software is what the iPhone hardware.

The problem for Apple is that these applications are front ends for Google services. Users do not think we have any problem with that, but if Apple wants to encourage partners like Facebook and Twitter rather than Google+ (though it does integrate their services into the operating system), or promote their own services for data collection (for example with maps and web browser) on alternatives to Google, then provide their users with lower default applications is simply a matter of business.

However, other applications provided by Apple does not even refer to important services, or any service in general. One example: Apple offers its users the default Notes app, a cheesy yellow notebook in which you can only write words and leave them on the phone. Apple could replace the Notes application by application note Squarespace. It is sleek, minimalist and perfectly consistent with the iPhone hardware.

The application that uses Apple Time meteorological services of Yahoo, could be replaced by the application of Hollr Solar. It is a paid app, so Apple should agree with Hollr to offer it free of charge to iPhone users.

We could go on and on showing how almost all Apple applications have superior alternatives. The strongest reason why Apple should offer the best third-party applications that can be found instead of developing their own applications, is because when users are using the best applications are using the best phone.

With the conclusion of an annual competition and awarded to the winner of each category of user numbers so high, Apple would encourage application developers to work harder and invest further in the development of applications for iOS.

And if each version of the iPhone come with some new default applications (replacing outdated applications with new ones), the iPhone would look like a terminal cooler and less stuffy, as currently happens.

Apple could devote fewer resources to the development of applications and put all his best employees to improve the operating system. For many users the iPhone is the best phone, and I think the best applications tend to be always first to iOS. However, Apple stubbornly failing to capitalize on these two facts, which allows the industry believe that the iPhone is less than Android phones.

All you have to do is show the best third party applications on every new phone instead of their boring applications, and thereby achieved transform the experience of using the iPhone for the vast majority of users who never take the applications that come by defect in the iPhone.

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