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Why Americans Hate Aman Android and Apple?

Why Americans overwhelmingly prefer the iPhone, when the rest of the world has adopted overwhelmingly in Android?

americanos aman apple 622x350 ¿Por quĂ© los Americanos Odian Android y Aman Apple?

The numbers tell an incredible story. Worldwide, Android has a 75% share of the smartphone market, compared to 15% for Apple, according to IDC. But in the U.S., the iPhone accounts for 63% of smartphone sales at Verizon and a surprising 84% of smartphone sales at AT & T.

In Asia, young affluent buyers are turning their backs on switching to iPhone and Android devices, particularly those manufactured by Samsung, according to reports from Reuters. A marketing manager of Apple products in Bangkok says the iPhone has become like Louis Vuitton bags, something that was once considered a luxury, but now is too common.

But in the U.S. the Android still way behind. Dan Lyons, ReadWrite, seems a little tired of the bigotry that exists in the United States by the mark of the paw and has compiled an interesting article, very personal, in the it says some important truths. Here I transcribe the article and then you give us your opinion.

Why the vast majority of Americans choose Apple?

"In part, it could be because Apple is an American company, and we know that Americans are very patriotic. On the other hand, it could be that Apple claims against Android phone manufacturers have proved an effective way of marketing, creating the impression that Apple's rivals copy only know as the Chinese do.

But Apple and his more radical in the United States, not just criticize Android phones, but also criticize Android users, representing them as the lower class, as they are uneducated, poor and lacking "taste" (a favorite word of the U.S. Apple fanboy) to have an Apple product and instead are willing to settle for a cheap imitation.

See, for example, published a story on Gizmodo Sam Biddle called "Android is popular because it is cheap, not because it is good", illustrated with a photo of a homeless man sleeping next to a shopping cart full of cans and bags collected. There is nothing! (And to top the awesome article includes a reference in which insinuates that African-Americans have less money and therefore choose Android, ironically, citing as evidence a Samsung ad depicting a African family American accommodated using a Galaxy Note 2 of $ 700 for a family photo).

This bullshit that is cheap Android has been around for years. Certainly there are very cheap Android terminal. But there are cheaper iPhone. And there are Android phones that cost more than an iPhone. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 costs $ 300 on Verizon with 2 year contract. The Galaxy S3 costs $ 200 with a contract. The iPhone 5 is available from $ 200 with contract, while the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 have a cost of $ 100 and $ 0 respectively.

But since we're at it ... what's wrong with making phones for people with fewer resources?. Perhaps these sales do not have or have less?.

The other canard is that Android is lagging behind technologically Apple. This was true for several years, but today I do not think that's true. I think both platforms are on par. Moreover, Apple may now be behind Android.

The uncomfortable truth

First, let us look at software. As recently stated, as Android has surpassed iOS mobile operating system. So much so that last year Apple fired the man who oversaw the company's iOS.

In hardware, Android quality varies greatly depending on the make and model. Certainly we can buy an Android phone wrong, but the high-end phones like the Nexus with 4 or Galaxy S3, have first-class finishes.

Then there is the perennial debate about the size of the screen. With Apple have two sizes, as we all know. Android phones have larger screens. Not go into whether to have more or less screen because this issue is very personal to each user. Apple and its fans have touted the superiority of the Retina display. On a tablet if you notice more because they have larger screens, but in a smartphone, do you really notice the difference much?. The iPhone has a pixel density of 326 dpi, which is actually lower than that of some of the latest Android phones. Even the Samsung Galaxy S3 has a density of 306 dpi, which should be indistinguishable from the density of the iPhone. Steve Jobs once said that "the magic number hovers around 300 dpi per inch", above which the human eye can not tell the difference. Some Apple fans will say that Steve Jobs was wrong and that the difference really is noticeable.

As the number of available applications, Android is getting more and more each day and is on track to overtake Apple in the middle of this year if it continues at the same rate. However, the total number of applications available is a bit useless. When it comes to most applications that we use and we are all in both platforms. Some developers even give more priority now Android. Let us not forget that all who were looking forward to iPhone use Google applications come out (like Google Maps) to use in our devices.

The power of advertising

In the United States there are many pro-Apple bloggers that keep repeating that Android is cheap, tacky and second rate, and people still believe they should buy an iPhone at all costs. U.S. consumers have said that Android smartphones are difficult to use, complicated, just for geeks, unreliable and, worst of all, they are made for the poor.

And that's where the rhetoric begins to scratch into something ugly. This is what happened when Instagram was launched first for Android and iOS. Cult Of Mac had a series of derogatory messages about Walmart, which included some like these:

"It's like when people from the ghettos began to reach the pleasant suburbs. Instagram was our nice suburb. "

"Instagram has just received a series of ghettos."

Previously these disqualifications to Android users were repeated in an article by Glenn Derene, in December 2011, in which he said that Android was cheap, low-quality applications that made ​​you feel in a technological ghetto.

Despite all these insults, Apple developers continue to claim that they have no idea why Android users are upset with Apple. Many people wonder why Apple's success bothers some. I do not think that success dislikes to Android users, I think it's the fanaticism of some media and, above all, see show Android users as foolish people, poor or tasteless.

The future

I tend to think that things are back to average. I tend to think it is due to open the closed, the election due to lack of choice, due to the diversity and homogeneity to offer a wide range of models, from low cost to high end, end up being a winning strategy.

I also tend to think that Apple has stalled a bit in terms of earnings growth and stock price because of its financial results. Of course, if Apple launches the much-rumored return to television should take off like a rocket. Better yet, if Apple produces a television will be a sight to see as the brand fanbloggers become, in the overnight, experts in television technology, sharing his wisdom with great detail on things like bevels, proportions, saturation color, contrast ratio and all aspects of industrial design that only lovers can appreciate incredibly sophisticated designs. The screen may have more pixels than other TVs, or maybe not, but still looks better than any other TV because Apple will be better pixel pixel, made of magic dust.

The most important thing is that the Apple TV will cost more than any other TV, so it will be better than all others, from these clones to be copying Apple Asian made, so TVs from other brands are only interesting for homeless, uneducated and without taste that can not afford an Apple TV.

The worst thing is that this type of shit will work. It always works, especially in the United States. What says more about us Americans about Apple. "

Well, as you may have read I think Dan is a little tired of America's most radical fans of Apple. Personally, I love Apple, but I recognize that currently many high-end Android phones have nothing to envy the iPhone, just try to convince anyone. Other hand, Dan talks about the situation he sees in America.

What do you think? Do you agree with Dan? Do you think that in Spain there is much fanaticism with Apple? Tell us your impressions.

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