Thursday, January 17, 2013

When games have lag with AirPlay, it's best to use the AV cable

 Cuando los juegos con AirPlay tienen lag, lo mejor es usar el cable AV

Wow, I have been a holder obvious. No, not as obvious as it seems. AirPlay protocol that Apple touted as a marvel also has its shortcomings not directly from him, but from other elements, especially when it comes to applications that require a lot of bandwidth, is ie mainly games.

When we try to play a game with AirPlay, you need an immediate response from a button we press until the car, doll, ship reacts. If there is a noticeable delay, the game experience is impossible. To this we must add that this technology directly dependent on other factors such as the hardware of our device and our Wi-Fi network so that the better are these elements, the lower the lag between the principle of action and reaction on the second screen.

Playing videos, photos or music, this negative point is not palpable. Not that there is no lag, is that bandwidth requirements are infinitely less and also there is a small memory buffer that stores several seconds of content so that in case of a drop of bandwidth, video playback is not affected and the user does not find out.

What is the solution to enjoy the game on a second screen? Using traditional cable lifetime. We eliminate the dependence of the Wi-Fi but still the hardware limitation of our team so the lag may appear in certain circumstances, although to a much lesser extent than with AirPlay.

We can also play with the settings of video output for better performance based on lower resolution rendering quality and other factors that Apple has placed there for iOS users.

Maybe everything I have told you still seems equally clear that the title but believe me, there are many people who think they will be able to enjoy your iPhone or iPad at the 1080P TV as if it were a PS3 or 360 . I hope that this will resolve the doubts about AirPlay Gaming vs AV Cable.

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