Thursday, January 3, 2013

WhatsApp works again some users with iPhone 3G

 Whatsapp vuelve a funcionar a algunos usuarios con iPhone 3G

The history of the iPhone 3G WhatsApp and again becomes subject online. As many of you know, the latest messaging client versions are incompatible with the latest version of iOS available for the old Apple phone , however, users could continue to use their version of Whatsapp smoothly.

A few days ago, the creators of WhatsApp decided to restrict access to its servers to users who do not actualizasen to newer versions of the application and given that the iPhone 3G is impossible, all users of that model were left without power send messages to your contacts. Of course, the complaints have been very tough and the entire network has come together to support these users, having a perfectly functional phone, could not use Whatsapp.

As can be read in some forums the Apple community, people of Whatsapp could be reversing this decision, allowing people with an iPhone 3G can re-use the application. There are people who do not work for you and others do not so I do not know if this is a phased transition or failed.

If you're using an iPhone 3G and have Whatsapp, have you checked if it works for you correctly?

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