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What does the world of Apple this year

tim cook Qué nos depara el mundo de Apple este año

The year end is to make a compilation of what Apple has left us during these last twelve months, and the beginning of a new year comes on the heels of predictions about what we can expect. Tim Cook promised in early 2012 that this year would be interesting for the company, since many innovations introduced to the market. We ran the Apple TV eventually, but instead we have a new product: the younger brother of the iPad, the iPad mini.

Again, analysts suggest that Apple TV will be released later this year, although it is possible that the device can not be released until 2014 by the negotiations that the California company has to close with television operators. And considering it would have to reach international agreements to launch a TV that can be present in different markets. In Current iPhone and we have told how television could be this from the data that Steve Jobs revealed in his official biography.

Do not miss new software either. In June, during the celebration of World Developers Conference expect to see a new operating system for iOS devices and Macs. Indeed, last year Apple started the new fashion update the operating system for their computers once a year for only $ 20. Cheap, but it is a system that makes us checkout every 12 months if we want to enjoy more than 200 improvements. As for iOS, this year we expect the final revolution. The operating system has been stalled for years and has lagged behind its competitors. Following the departure of Scott Forstall, Apple's VP of iOS, we could see a radical facelift in iOS 7.

And, of course, this year there will be room for presenting a new iPhone. But knowing Apple, do not expect anything revolutionary, just an improved iPhone 5s. What will we find here? A faster processor, a camera that no fault (like the present, which has the annoying purple glitter) and all with the same design.

The iPad, meanwhile, could lose weight to match the thinness of the iPad 2. For the second generation iPad mini have things clearer: its main novelty is the retina display that has lacked his predecessor.

ipad mini retina Qué nos depara el mundo de Apple este año

Another rumor that we have to confirm outstanding throughout the first quarter of this year is whether Apple will launch its own streaming music service. We'll know soon.

Neither would be wrong for Apple presented its own camera , we can not forget this rumor.

2013 will be another interesting year for the company.

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