Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What Apple left us in 2012

It's over 2012, a year that has been so giddy for everyone, but especially for those who love the latest technology. We have gone through up to four new mobile devices: the iPad of third and fourth generation, the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. Therefore, anyone is aware that Apple is shifting its rudder to the area of ​​mobile devices.

resumen apple 2012 612x350 Lo que Apple nos dejó en 2012

In this post we will reflect on what Apple has given us in these frantic twelve months. Tim Cook already said back in March: this 2012 would give many surprises. And of course, did not disappoint. It all started with the third-generation iPad and Retina Display spectacular. Nobody can deny that the resolution of this device was a breakthrough in the world of tablets, and the proof is that new devices are emerging competition with huge amounts of pixels.

In iOS summer was 6, with its spectacular three-dimensional maps and some general improvements convinced. However, when testing began, were the first problems, which would increase the market by jumping in autumn. Apple still has a large open field in front of the software, which must rebuild trust of a large number of users.

Summer passed and September came, and with it the iPhone 5 . It was a spectacular end, with a larger screen to reach the 4 inches diagonally. Their high price caused the suspicion of many users, but that did not stop batiese all record sales and bookings.

And we got to October, where we could finally see the launch of the iPad Mini . We can say that the device has been star of the year, with great notes by critics and audiences. Next to him, reached the fourth generation of the iPad, including a new processor and some improvements that made it even more powerful.

How Apple time you stay in this 2012?

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