Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Watch the first units are already underway Pebble

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As promised during CES 2013 , Pebble clock makers have already sent the first units of its smart watch born in Kickstarter funding thanks to thousands of users.

Today they have come out with their own destiny to a total of 500 units of Pebble. More lots are being developed as the production rate is very good and they can produce up to 2400 watches daily. When yours is on the way, you will receive a confirmation email with the tracking number for the shipment seguimiendo

Although deadlines are being met, there is a small drawback is that as you know, this watch is a free application that will be available for iOS and Android. Unfortunately, the version for the iPhone has not yet been approved by Apple and that it takes two weeks waiting for a member of iTunes Connect will approve.

 Las primeras unidades del reloj Pebble ya están en camino

Meanwhile, the Android version is scheduled to arrive at Google Play for tomorrow. When will iOS? That's something that does not depend on Pebble team and hopefully the application does not have any serious bug that reject it, otherwise, pending further prolong having to restart the whole process . However, the average of 10 days and have overcome so that approval could come at any time.

Until the application is not available, users can only display notifications or control music playback but can not make changes to the visual interface clock or update your firmware.

If you are someone who repent every day for not having worked on Kickstarter to get your own Pebble, you can still get one through their website.'ll Cost you $ 150 and patience until you send it.

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