Monday, January 7, 2013

Vycloud, a complete application and nice to know the weather

If you are of those who like to try other applications to know the weather, in addition to the time that comes with iOS default, we give a new alternative that may not know each other. Vycloud This is a very nice and complete application, in which we not only show the current weather, but a variety of data such as humidity, pressure, precipitation or visibility.

Vycloud 1 Vycloud 2 Vycloud 3

We have saved several cities to access them in an easy and once selected, we will move between options and graphics using gestures up and down or sideways.

Of course, in addition to the current time, we see the estimate of the next 7 days, both temperature and time in general.

The best thing is that during the limited time you can download for free, so to download and test Seize.


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