Friday, January 25, 2013

Vine, the new social network Twitter short videos

Twitter has launched Vine, a new social network dedicated to short video of 6 seconds duration, much like Instagram. Like the rest of the networks style, things go from followers, likes, comments and tags, so the innovation itself, plus integration with Twitter (we can view videos directly in our timeline should share), will be the way to record videos.

Vine 3 Vine 2 Vine 4

And that is assuming that you have six seconds in total, the application allows you to record video pieces while we touch the screen. That way we can get a video that we show several times (not consecutive) of the scene you're shooting.

The application now has some shortcomings, such as not being able to share the videos once published, but we assume that they will gradually improving it and updating it (this morning has been an update to fix several bugs).

If you going to share this moment of your life, do not hesitate to Cart subiros Vine, as it is a way to share interesting and funny moments.

Vine - Make A Scene

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