Monday, January 14, 2013

Verticus, the new game for iOS Stan Lee

Stan Lee, the creator of some of the most popular superheroes like Spider-Man or Ironman, presents its new game for iOS: Verticus. In it, control a superhero with his new all supersuit, in order to save the Earth (or not).

Verticus 1

The game mechanics are simple: fall, fall and fall. From the atmosphere to the interior of our planet, dodging obstacles, buildings, mines and enemies, in a game like "infinite run" but in freefall.

As we move forward (for other than through scenarios), we will be collecting rings that allow us to improve our costume and equipment, with new power-ups, shields and more life.

Verticus 2 Verticus 5

While we play we will be receiving instructions from Stan Lee himself or at least his voice, as the original dubbing it is responsible, of course, full English, but will not be an impediment to enjoy the game on your iPhone (adapted to iPhone screen 5) iPod Touch or iPad, and that is not only universal, but also can be downloaded for free.


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