Saturday, January 26, 2013

UpperCup, the first coasters compatible with iPhone 4 and iPhone 5

Today, from IndieGoGo, we present another one of those projects for which very very original bet.


UpperCup This is the first coaster for iPhone. Yes: a coaster. In fact, it is a 2 × 1, since the product itself is a housing for iPhone that includes a small removable coasters. Surprised??

Its creators have tried to capture in the video below the discomfort (or rather, the drawbacks) to hold the iPhone and a drink (in this case, coffee) at the same time.

Innovative and practical, at least. The product (housing + coasters included) cost $ 25 for iPhone 4 (about € 18.50) and $ 30 for iPhone 5 (about 23 €) in the case of raising the required funds.

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