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Unlocking the iPhone in the U.S. is already illegal

iphone 5 liberacion Liberar el iPhone en Estados Unidos es ya ilegal

Until now, buy the iPhone 5 and release in the United States has been a very simple activity. For starters, the phone operator Verizon began selling these terminals already released. The company AT & T, the country's largest, did not follow the footsteps of its rival. However, finding cheap solutions through means such as eBay, made the release of the iPhone 5 standard practice. Today is just the gravy in the North American country.

The DMCA, Digital Millenium Copyright Act, considered, starting today, to release a phone without permission from the telephone operator is a criminal activad. Those who have already released their terminal, have no problem with this policy change, and those who purchased a smartphone before. The law takes effect from this day and gives freedom to the operators to take legal action against customers to release their terminals.

Screen Shot 2013 01 26 at 5.05.04 PM Liberar el iPhone en Estados Unidos es ya ilegal

The DMCA also puts the spotlight on those who provide terminal services delivery across different platforms. We have contacted a ebayer that offered the release of iPhone 5 in the U.S. for only $ 4 and the service works perfectly: within just 15 hours, you have your iPhone 5 released. Now, these "bars" cyber will have to close if they will not be persecuted.

In short, we have a policy that returns the user to directly attack. To "protect" the operators already have to sign a two-year contract, why not give us freedom to do what we want with a product we are paying each month? What about customers who frequently travel abroad? Hopefully the DMCA change course at some point and no longer serve the interests of telephone companies.

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Source- ABC News

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    I bought iPhone 5 last December. I was planning to unlock it to other carriers.But,Some said unlocking is illegal .After reading your article I clearly understood that it is not illegal to unlock phone that are bought before 26th January.So,I unlocked my iPhone 5 using Remote Unlock Service provided by . Thanks for the Article.