Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tutorial: install Whatsapp on iPhone 3G

 Tutorial: instalar Whatsapp en el iPhone 3G

Much has been spoken this week of the latest version of WhatsApp, eliminating the compatibility with the iPhone 3G, in principle worked if you had an old version of the app, but if you wanted to install it from scratch, or if you had deleted, restored, etc. you could not reinstall it. Then stopped working on all iPhones 3G, and then returned to work on some devices , but as I said only if you had the old version of the application.

Much has been made ​​in the comments on the subject, some say that Apple should support the iPhone 3G and create a new version of iOS for him, others think that the iPhone 3G is a very old device with limited resources and already time has come, you can not support mobile eternally as old. Either way we will teach you to install the latest version of WhatsApp in iPhone 3G.

It's simple, Whatsapp requires iOS 4.3 to run, and iPhone 3G iOS 4.2.1 reaches only ... because we believe that the iPhone 3G having iOS 4.3.

You can do it with any application access to the files of the iPhone, from within iFile on the iPhone, using a tool such as SSH access Ciberduck iFunfox or type programs for Windows. Once you access the files on the iPhone just have to find the path:

/ System / Library / CoreServices

Within this path must locate the file "SystemVersion" and edit it, you will have to download some tools to the computer, edit it and then re-upload it, you can do it directly with others. That said, editad that file, at the end of the text, is the version of your iOS, you will see that puts iOS 4.2.1, and you put it editáis 4.3 Where to put 4.2.1, and you keep the iPhone reiniciáis.

If you go to Settings> General> About you will see that your iPhone is version 4.3, not true, is still 4.2.1, but now you can install (from the App Store) WhatsApp and many other applications requiring iOS 4.3.

Comentad such hath been in the comments.

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  1. not working pls tell is there any other way to run whatsapp.

  2. Hey Ali...
    Which firmware have you spoofed(Built Version)
    what handset are you using????

  3. don't do this..u'll fuck ur device n u'll have to restore it.. instead use Bluestacks to bypass the login process in older version of Whatsapp.. n u r done...

  4. can you please email me Mr Abhishek how to do this. sorry I am not expert in this. my email a lot of thanks in advance.

  5. this has not worked and i have used other ways and i still end up with noithing.

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