Thursday, January 3, 2013

Trygger, a polarizing filter on your iPhone

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Trygger, polarizing filter for your iPhone.Debido to mobile photo quality, speed and ease of taking pictures, edit them and share them with filters adds a social and domestic with anyone dares to present their best images. Aware of this new fever, Trygger makers have developed an accessory with which enhance photos.

This is a polarizing filter located on a small clip that overlaps the iPhone (currently only supports iPhone 5), similar in appearance to Olloclip . This Trygger polarizing filter reduces reflections and glare of the photographs, in addition to more vivid colors and sharper contrast. It is therefore particularly suitable for situations that prevent capture bright, clear images. A definite plus is that you can adjust the filter to regulate the amount of light that passes to adjust your photos to our liking.

What is particularly striking is that changes what our camera captures natively at the time of capturing photos, and not after as is common in software. For now is a Kickstarter project, which is about three weeks to see the light if it gets the $ 7,000 he needs to its realization. When get, start sending the final products to investors in the month of February, in white or black color as your iPhone 5, provided that they have supported the project with $ 30. For those who have supported this product with $ 1 awaits the opportunity to be with him for a dollar more, considering that the market price will 39'95 dollars but   get it for a dollar is very tempting.

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