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Trimming Supplies?? Think of a radical change in the iPhone 6

Never has there been so much hype around Apple's supply chain. Recently we talked about the severe shortage of screens orders for the iPhone 5 by Apple, and now it seems that the same is true also for the iPad. These unverified reports have created a negative sentiment that has sent the shares below $ 500, at least until Apple shows their results at the conference the next day 23.

cambio iphone 6 650x467 ¿Recorte de Suministros? Pensemos en un Cambio Radical en el iPhone 6

But one analyst that these reports are not concerned at all. Think that the cuts are the result of a coming "evolutionary technology upgrade" for the next iPhone, rather than a sign of a lack of demand for the iPhone 5.

Trip Chordhry of Global Equities Research, said the drop in orders from Apple screens supplied by Sharp, LG Display and Samsung Display, is an indication that the Cupertino have signed an agreement with a new supplier of screens for mobile in preparation for the launch of the next iPhone.

"The data are accurate, cancellations are being made. But what is the reason? Technological change is coming at Apple. "

Chowdhry adds that Apple is about to perform an "evolutionary leap in mobile", probably with the iPhone 5S expected within months.

On the other hand, according to MacWorld UK, Chordhry also dares to talk about the Apple TV:

"According Chowdry, Apple has been asking for glass that can be cut into large panels, which could indicate that the company is working is working on Apple TV speculated."

But back to the iPhone, what kind of technology is concerned this analyst? If the China Times is right, the next iPhone will have a new touch panel technology Touch-On-Display of Chimei Innolux, a subsidiary of Foxconn. Touch Technology-On-Display does not add thickness to the screen and fix the problem with the speed of response that has the current In-Cell panel of iPhone 5.

If you have followed all the rumors regarding the Apple supply chain, it is likely that you may be aware that there are rumors that Apple could adopt a new display technology for future products. Corroborating these market whispers, some sources told AllThingsD that Apple had been evaluating IGZO panels for use on iOS devices.

Chowdhry also talks about these rumors:

"Apple is expected to introduce IGZO screens in its next iPhone, which will be lighter, more energy efficient and easier to cut in different sizes."

And another report in the newspaper China Times says that Apple is evaluating for Retina iPad Mini panels Shenzhen Century Science & Technology, a subsidiary of Foxconn, based on the assembly process One Glass Solution.

ipad mini retina ¿Recorte de Suministros? Pensemos en un Cambio Radical en el iPhone 6

Despite a seasonal decline is normal during the holidays and especially in Q1 that comes right after vacation, the cuts are hurting Apple's suppliers are seemingly impossible to ignore.

On the other hand, there are many doubts about the figures quoted in some reports released by Nikkei and The Wall Street Journal. You really believe that they have sold 65 million iPhone 5 in the quarter after the holidays? Either way, Apple could soon see a drastic drop in demand of iPhone and iPad, the two most popular products of the company.

Mark Moskowitz, an analyst at JP Morgan, believes that cutting screens orders for the iPhone 5 is the result of "adjustments in the supply chain," which are "explainable but not alarming." Other analysts also are telling their investors scared that the cuts can mean less demand for Apple devices.

The truth is that I am confident that involves cutting a technological change orders prior to the introduction of new products. Apple has been criticized for not risking the iPhone 5. The adoption of advanced technology IGZO screens, for example, certainly represent an evolution in engineering iOS devices.

These cuts have occurred many times in the past, but no one paid much attention. With Tim Cook Apple front and lack of expectations in the last two quarters, some people are focusing too much on these reports.

Apple should be one of the most tested in the world and, inevitably, some observers may misinterpret the data supply chain.

What do you think about it? Are the cuts could lead to a new technological revolution by Apple?

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