Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tried PhoneJoy, command that transforms your iPhone into a console

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In the video we posted a few hours ago with the highlights of the Consumer Electronics Show, we have shown a little preview of what the command PhoneJoy: an accessory that aims to make smartphones transform our consoles. One way to dive into an authentic experience that comes from the hand of an ergonomic accessory, portable and easily integrates with our phones.

In Current iPhone we have already spoken of this accessory above. This is a project that was released a few weeks ago on the platform Kickstarter and aspired to raise at least $ 50,000. Well, the project is going well: more than 1,100 people have supported, providing an amount close to $ 70,000. This means that PhoneJoy will see the light this year and, indeed, in the Convention Center in Las Vegas and we could see it in operation.

Screen Shot 2013 01 12 at 7.03.58 PM Probamos PhoneJoy, el mando que transforma tu iPhone en una consola

The accessory is connected to our phones via Bluetooth and is compatible with smartphones of all sizes, to the Samsung Galaxy SIII. The entire line of iPhones also fit perfectly with this command, that will not endanger our phones at any time.

PhoneJoy it works seamlessly with Android and iOS devices and there are over 200 titles compatible with the remote in the App Store. This has ensured the project leaders in the showfloor during a private demonstration.

Another way to use PhoneJoy to enjoy in style experience with our favorite games is through the TV. How? Very easy: plug in your iPhone to the TV's HDMI connector and manage the game from the command. In short, we made our iPhone in a console.

So no wonder that since Apple would dare to say that their devices past keynotes and power surpass consoles like the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. If you're addicted to games, you can not stop buying this accessory once it goes on sale: the controls are perfectly suited to your hands. An experience not to be missed.

Video PhoneJoy in action during the CES 2013:

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